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Does anyone use the Archive here?

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Does anyone use the archive here? - If you have not... it's a quicker way to look through post titles under the sections they are in. To view the Archive - scroll down to the bottom of this page or any page in the forum and in the lower right corner click on "Archive". That will get you to the forum Archive menu that is the same as the regular forum sections. Click on one of the section titles and you will be able to view all thread titles by title only. If you then find a title you are interested in or the one you were looking for - all you have to do is click on it and your there. I find this an easier way to scan through them to find one I'm looking for. - Just thought this will help those who have never triied using this option that want to find things easier here. - JK

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Thank You Jeremy for pointing out how that is used, I never tryed to use the archive feature.
I have tryed it out now that you explained how it worked.
So I guess that I can call myself a "computer Ace" now!!!!:rolleyes:
Thats because no one else will!!!!!!;)
Ted Throckmorton

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actually a search feature i use in google is say, ........syntax follows....
chalk site:www.iforgeiron.com .....or.......
"Scroll Generator" site:www.iforgeiron.com ...
the advanced search functions of the common browsers are really quite capable and easy to manipulate to take advantage of the archive system.

....and if you all knew this fine, it will self destruct in a few moments..:rolleyes:

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I just found the archive the other day after hearing about it over and over again, and searching relentlessly....Who knew to look on the BOTTOM on the page? I use the archive all the time now, and love it! I think that if the archive was put in a more obvious spot people would use it more....

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