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For Scott, his wife and kids

Pocono Forge

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They say things happen in threes..... I'm a believer of that and I've seen it enough in my life.

My best friend since childhood is on the verge of loosing his business and not due to him I must add. A year ago he was diagnosed with Lymes disease which now went to his brain and nervous system. He's a mess for sure. To add insult to injury last weekend his wife was diagnosed with Lymphoma. And this all just leaves me speechless.

So this week I spent days on my own fixing and cleaning up a neglected yard and home since he is in too much pain to do it on his own. The list goes on but after seeing this section in the forum and knowing they are a religious family (man can he cook for a church outing!!!) I thought a few words or thoughts from the community just might take the edge off his shoulders. It's tough to watch your best friend cry...

Thanks folks!!

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to scott and your family - i have just came in from a lovely night out with my husband and children and read your story - none of us know what is round the corner - good or bad - i just wanted to send you my love and thoughts beth xx

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