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I have a bench grinder that I use quite often. As a good little safety ranger, I always wear my protective glasses. The problem comes with having enough light to see exactly what I am doing. The grinder has a light attached, but the bulbs last a max of 5 minutes. I have been thinking about rewiring, or is there a special light bulb that should be used?


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For stationary work stations I have outdoor flood lights with 50 watt spot reflectors attached to the walls or ceiling. With a 8 foot distance (light to work) I can get a 3-4 foot diameter circle of illumination from each light. Two lights properly placed and adjusted will give your work station a high level of light intensity.

The lights can be easily wired in line so that when the application motor is turned on the lights come on also, one switch to activate the work station. This can be as simple as a switch controlling an electric outlet that the application and lights plug into for power. Turn on the electric switch on and both the application and the lights come on. You still have the application on/off switch to turn the motor on or off while the lights will remain on. All the lights are out of the way, either attached to the wall or ceiling some distance away.

You now have more light at the work station from two 50 watt spot reflector bulbs that you would ever get from one 100 watt light bulb. You are much more likely to turn them off when you leave that work station as it is just a matter of flipping the switch.

I have the same set up over the grinder, the vise, and over the work table.

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As far as lightbulbs (Lamps) that will live longer on your grinder, look for "rough duty" lamps, they have more supports for the filament and are built to withstand more vibration than regular lamps... but I like the reflective sports idea too.. as opposed to open halogens...

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