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coal mass/volume

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I tried to search but was a bit overwhelmed by the search results. I am now looking at building a coal forge instead of using only gas. Trying to pin down the logistics of it all I'm trying to think of all the details. I've found suppliers close but am wondering about transporting in the minivan. I know what space 100 lbs of other materials takes but was wondering about coal. (100 lbs of feathers vs. 100 lbs of lead ya know.) How does coal compare to say the bags of corn and such I've moved in the past?


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3 level full - 5 gallon buckets is real close to 100 lbs and that just fits into a 16 gallon oil drum. I have since went back to the plastic buckets due to moisture rusting the drums(which is a nice size for garbage cans in the shop). - JK

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I searched on Craig's list Boston and found an industrial cleaning place gets their cleaning powder in five gallon buckets. They are happy to sell them, with lids for cheap. I can store more coal than I can haul in the truck at once now.

You might be able to find similar deals in your area, it would make for easy to store, and transport coal.


PS. Any Boston based smiths want to buy some buckets?

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