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I Forge Iron

Playtime Yesterday!

B. Norris

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I wish I could get better pictures but, this will have to do. As the title says I had the time to just fire up the forge and play yesterday. This is one of the things I did. It was edge quenched into water, sanded to 220 grit and etched with ferric chloride. My brothers birthday is approaching and he may get this one.


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Well... I used a chisel, not a hot cut. Otherwise right on the money. The old Keenjunk site had an area for excerpts from the Blacksmiths Journal and that is where I saw this twist, been wanting to try it for a while. There was one more complicated where you split the incised line into two lines for a bit and then bring them back together and down to one line. I want to try that one next but, not on something so short! I do not own a hot cut, yet. I just won an auction for one on EBay, should be here soon.

Thanks Jens! Wish I could get a better picture. I just edge quenched into water, but wound up with three lines at the tip from the in, out, thing and all three show Nie. I think Nie are the coarse martensite particles. Right? I am itching to try out the W2 I bought off Dr. Batson but, I am making myself finish up some other projects first.

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