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finished a couple of tire spoons

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I really got into blacksmithing to make tools, and managed to knock out a couple that got the job done. The big tires spoon started life as part of a jeep suspension, and the smaller one came out of my high carbon bucket but I'm not sure from what - maybe an axle from a motorized kid toy. The ends were pressed flat in my 12-ton shop press that I adapted for the task, then more final shaping and smoothing with the hammer and belt sander. They are far from perfect, particularly in regards to being symmetric.

They were slowly tempered to blue on the ends. My forge can be opened on both ends, so I heated both ends at once - sliding the spoon back and forth to gradually heat them up.

These really worked well. I bashed a hole in my 33" jeep tire driving up a canyon at Moab, and then drove the other jeep over the hook on a cement rake and left a nice hole in the tread. These spoons worked well for getting both tires on and off the rim for patching.



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