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I Forge Iron

I'm moving and i need intel.

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Hope this helps.

According to ABANA web site
Saltfork Craftsmen web site - click here

Pres: Gerald Franklin
Rt 3 Box 239-J
Duncan, OK 73533
(580) 467-8667

Ed: Diana Davis
23966 NE Wolf Rd.
Fletcher, OK 73541
(580) 549-6824

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Fantastic bunch of folks, men and women! You can attend a meeting every Sat of the month provided you don't mind a little drive. Even tho I live in TEXAS I am a member of Saltfork Craftsmen and Artistic Blacksmith Assoc. Our conference is coming up on Oct. 17-18 with all 3 of the Gunters being the demonstrators. Register now and if you plan to attend you better get a motel room NOW!! OSU has their homecoming the same weekend as the conference and motels fill up as far a OK City. I attend the SE region meetings when I can as they are much closer for me....2hrs one way, not bad. Shoot! you will be less than 40 miles from Perry, OK which is where the conference will be held, your in good shape! Check the site Glenn gave you for more details or PM me. Good luck with the move. Sorry you're having to leave 'Heaven on Earth'. ;)

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