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Scrap yards in Eastern NE???

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Yikes! That seems expensive. If I read the web correctly, consumer pricing on scrap steel should be around $0.12 a pound. When I first got started, before I found my anvil, I bought some railroad rail for about $0.10 a pound over the river in Council Bluffs, but they had to meet me at the yard, and they were over an hour late.

I guess some folks are lucky, and have good yards in their area.


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Donnie & Helen Anderson
25550 W. Dodge Rd. Donnie: (402)651-5887
Waterloo, NE 68064 Helen: (402)651-3913

I think this is something the guy does on the side. I believe he works construction and this is a way to make a little extra cash. Also, info is about a year old and I never contacted the guy. If you do let me know how it goes!

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Has anybody heard of L&K Scrap Metals? I just saw it the other day while going East on I-80 headed toward the Bluffs. Dunno if they just buy or if they sell too. Gonna make some calls but thought I would throw this up here anyway!


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Hi Scott. I bought some stuff from them couple years ago, they handle a lot of stainless scrap. Stuff from restaurants and such, I bought two nice, good sized, stainless steel pans, welded up from a thick gauge steel for $40. They had some thin sheet steel that somebody was buying to do autobody work with. The rest of what they had was mostly appliances and other scrap, not really any industrial stuff. Oh, almost forgot, I bought a steel workbench from them that I wirebrushed and repainted.

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