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Hello all!


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Welcome Steve, I'm from NJ also, Wayne. As I am sure you have gathered, This is a great place, everyone is always willing to give advice and talk you through just about anything. The Collective knowledge of these guys & girls is amazing. And they are willing to share that knowledge freely. Any & all questions I or otheres have asked answered have always been meet with helpfull suggestions as well as well intended warnings and tips for safety when needed.
Have fun Steve

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Thanks for the welcomes everyone, and thanks Tim, I'll be sure to take advantage of all the help I could get from this site. Indeed it is awesome.

I feel I should apologize for getting to this late, as you may have heard, there was a big thunderstorm and tornado in the upper-NJ area where I live. I lost power and haven't been able to reply until now, so sorry for the delay.

I probably wont get really started posting for a while too, I'm at camp right now, planning to have a good time, and I'll get on when I can. Once again, thanks!

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I am from Ireland.You are very welcome. I think this is a great site also I have learned a lot over the last few weeks. I wont be around for the next two weeks as I am going on holidays.I will have a lot to catch up on when I get back.

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