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Goodbye fruit basket hello mr vice,

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Some fellow on craigslist was selling an "antique vice" it said for trade or whatever price and such

I talked to him on the phone and it seemed like he would take 80 dollars for it because he had no use for it and it belonged to his grandpa

however I figured if people want to spread goodwill in general the very least I can do is do the same So I took my fruit basket with me and I gave him 60 dollars and the fruit basket for the vice,

so both of us got a good deal and a story,

He even gave me a hot cut and said he probley has some odd hammers and tongs and such and to call him in a few months after he fully cleans his garage

vice_0032.JPG vice_0022.JPG

btw it weighs about 120 pounds it needs a spring adjustment but the threads are in great shape

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Yeah, you can get a fruit basket at the grocery store. Try getting a vise there!

Ha! what I think is even funnier is trying to buy a GOOD hammer at any tool store these days,

its pratically all junk unless your looking for a framing hammer, your better off going to the flea market
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