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Possible Die/Hammer Material?

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I was rattling around ebay and came across items that may be material for dies and/or Hammers/and/or/ tools. Most probable of interest to folks like me that live in part of the country where alloy steel is not of major interest to local suppliers.

Searching for Steel round bar, steel square bar, and Steel flat bar turns up:
4140 round bar in 3" and 5" Diameter X 1ft lengths. To big for most people with hand hammer but workable by power hammer.
Price approx $1.00/lb.
The Flat and square bar alloy is 4140 up to like 1 1/2"X 2 1/2" X 12"
All cold Rolled btw.

I don't know anything about cold forging Aluminum Alloys but there is also a lot of different shapes and alloys availabe in substantial sizes.
I've seen some really wild color worked out on Al shapes on a couple of the fine art site but don't know any thing about doing it. Just FYI

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I used the top of a railroad rail easy to find and hard enough for the pounding they will take. Just cut the web away and grind web side flat and your ready to mount. Works really well on my 100# hammer.

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