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I Forge Iron

good evening all


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Have to say evening because that is what it is in west aust at the moment. You may have to bear with me a bit here as i am not a whiz with this infernal machine as yet If i cant get it hot and hit it I am mostly lost .

Started making blades about 40 years back by stock removal in the scrub in the back hills of New Guinea (long story)then when i got back home again I was introduced to a forge and anvil and have not looked back since.
Therefore I dont class myself as a blacksmith . More of a bladesmith

Now I am being forced to make other dinky stuff as well by all and sundry who seem to reckon that when you retire you have all the time in the world Darn i never worked this hard when I was earning a living .
Thats me in a nutshell .Thank you for the opportunity to join you in any way I may be of use

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well i do thamk you all for your welcome I will post a few pics when i figure out how to work this darned machine I recently killed the scanner { They just cant swim ) But when i get it sorted i will chuck a few pics on line for you to have a crack at .
But being old it is now time for a nana nap. 1031 pm here in aus and I have been on the go since about 0400 this morning so the weariness is setting in fired along by a couple jars of direction juice.
Nite all


Please watch your language, as this is a family form and cuss words are not allowed, Thank You Mod01

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Welcome Job
To post images, post your text reply as usual them drop down below the text box and click on manage attachments, then browse, select the image on your hard drive and click upload. When finished click close this window at the top right of the browse page and then submit reply.

If the image is already on the internet, copy and paste to the Upload from a URL box, then click upload. You can repeat the procedure for more images. When finished click on submit reply.

The max size for the images is 640x480 pixels.

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