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Finished Finally, Hira Zukuri Wakizashi W-2 Steel

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Well gents and gals I am finished with this project for a wonderful and patient customer. The blade in saya is 22" unsheathed it is 20" Nagasa is 11 1/2" Width at mune-machi to ha-machi is 1 3/8" thickness at mune is just over 3/16", Hamon is Gnome.

Tsuka-Maki was done by Brian Drier of Ronin Swords. I butchered it badly. He is truly a master of his craft as well.

Here are a few images of the finished piece. I am hoping the customer will enjoy the blades as much as I did.





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You have to forgive my English isint the best.
You see here on the following link to a photo how there is a line that comes across where the tip starts to curve up.

That's just my personal taste. On the other hand you blade is just beautifully crafted and I would be very proud if I could make one as fine looking as yours. Only time will tell

best reg

Atli S

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