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Worn Out Hammer

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Several have asked me if I have ever seen a Worn Out Hammer, I hope this picture answers the question.

It is in my cousins shop and has gone thru at least 3 or 4 smiths working plow lays thru the years. Due to its worn off face and short stubby replaced handle it is now only used for punches and such where there is little chance of damaging your fingers while gripping it. I was told it is the shop loaner hammer, cause nobody in their right mind would want to keep it. LOL The face is all rounded over so about the only thing usable is the peen end.



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You know speaking of worn out hammers. I have seen a lot of smiths using a cast iron/steel hammer. These have also come across my sight in some recent antique adventures. They looked very worn out. Almost like a mushroomed punch or chisel.

Jr thanks for the picture. I am a sucker for pictures!


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The local conservatory has one that's mushroomed over the face. It was used in a shop that was started in 1900 so may date to at least then - who knows? I'll try to get by there and take some pics.

Jr., do you think yours is a wrought iron body with steel face?

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