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I Forge Iron

One reached out and grabbed me

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Found an add in the local pennysaver for an anvil and forge. The anvil though not a preimium one followed me home. All it has maked on it was JAPAN on the base. 125 lbs with experiance. Guy said his Dad used it a lot back in 60s and 70s. He used it for everything even spent days reforging coil springs from cars into leaf springs:confused:

His Dad sounded a lot like my grandparents on my Dad's side. Grew up during depression and never threw out anything. Anvil face and horn don't have a ding in them, I find that amazing forgeing coil springs into leaf springs. Would post a picture but not sure how to yet.


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AND we'd like to see a picture of it so here's how.

Click the "Go Advanced" button below the quick reply text window. When the advanced window opens scroll down till you see the "Manage Attachments" button and click it.

Another window will open with a column of "Browse" buttons, click one and select a picture from a folder on your computer. I made an easy to find folder just for attachments. After you select the pic, wait till the window comes back, you'll see one of the button positions has a file path in it. Click another button if you have more pics to load.

Once you have all the pics you wish to attach selected, click the "Upload" button and wait for the window to return empty, close the window and the pics will be attached as thumbnails at the bottom of your post.


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I find that amazing forgeing coil springs into leaf springs.

Yes, it does sound kind of amazing.

But it also reminds me of a young blacksmith I saw working at a fur trade rendezvous many many years ago. He came in a car, and unloaded his anvil, stump, forge, coal, tools, and a few pieces of stock - plus his camp gear. His forge was a little table-top rivet forge.

He was asked if he could make a classic cross-bar campfire iron set - two uprights and a cross bar for hanging pots over a fire. I never heard how much he told the guy, but then started to work on it. His stock of iron was very ... limited. So he took a COIL SPRING, straightened it out, forged it square, and them made the parts for that campfire iron set!!!!! Including some decorative twists!

Yes, he was at that gathering ... on a wing and a prayer. And he could only afford "scrap" iron from a junk pile for making things. But he MADE DO. And he sold something he made to pay for his trip there - and a few other things. Plus he gained a whole lot of experience in that simple project. And that campfire iron set will be very very tough to bend - being made from coil spring steel!

I don't remember his name. Doubt I could even pick his face out of a crowd. But I always wonder how he did with his blacksmithing. I saw him at the Apple River Rendezvous east of Galena Illinois, probably early/mid 1980's. If anybody has an idea who it might have been, let him know I was and am still impressed with his dedication at that time. And I fully understand that "wing and a prayer" stuff.

Mikey - that grumpy ol' German blacksmith out in the Hitnerlands
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I measured her and she is 10 1/2 high, 20 in long, 4 3/4 X 12 1/4 face with a 1 1/4 in hardy hole. Has a solid base and no holes for mounting but I already have plans for that as soon as I can scrounge my material.

He also had a forge with all the refractory knocked out of it. It had a side hand crank blower and the bowl was about 2 foot across. I thought he was high on the$300 price but maybe wrong. It was mounted on wooden legs made of 2X6. What would refractory run for something like that?





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