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I Forge Iron

Hello from Georgetown, TX USA


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So this spring I took a single day class on blacksmithing and got the bug. (for anyone in central Texas I highly recommend Caleb at Homestead Heritage School of Homesteading)
I have a small propane forge (thanks Larry Zoeller) that I built, borrowed a decent little farriers anvil, and am now scrounging for hammers and such.
First off, I intend to make various tongs and a scroll work jig. For my first real project I intend to start making some fence panels to replace some of the effective-but-ugly ones around the house.
Suggestions are appreciated particularly from anyone local that could impart them first-hand in return for a little refreshment. In the meantime I intend to devour everything I can from the forums. Thanks for the input folks.


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Welcome aboard Eric, glad to have ya.

Sounds like you're off to a roaring start. Good for you. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to start building fires and beating steel.

Start haunting garage/yard/etc. sales, flea markets, 2nd. hand shops, etc. and pick up whatever smooth faced hammers you find for a buck or two. Ball peins are especially handy as they're easy to reforge to whatever pein shape you need. They also make good top tools with a little different heat treatment.

The pics are of a straight pein I made from a found ball pein.

Cross pein hammers are very common as they're still in every day use unlike most blacksmith's hammers. Another of my favorites is a drilling hammer in the 2-3lb range. These have a short handle, small face and good weight so you get good effect with good accuracy. I use mine for work that still needs a lot of movement but needs to be precise.

Sledge hammers are always handy but you have to take it real easy on small anvils you can break them with a sledge.

A single jack sledge is probably going to be more useful and safer for the anvil.

Anyway, the world is full of hammers it's what you do with them that counts.





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