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Trues Sick


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Hey Everyone, True wanted me to let you know that he has not left you guys. He is in the hospital with Acute Pancreatitis. He will be home hopefully wednesday. If anyone would like to givr him a call the # is 218-829-2861 room 621. Thanks...his other half Beth

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I just got off the phone with him, his spirits are high. We talked about blacksmithing and he's been getting the hang of the steps to making tongs. He is excited about getting out and getting back to forging. He's been forging and practicing since he was at my house for a half day playing with my forge a few weeks ago.
As with any hospital stay it's to long. He say's Thursday may be the day providing things go good. Thanks for the heads up Beth - JK

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To all, I do thank you. I got a suppose in the snail mail the other day."though we have never met you are a fellow black smith therefor you are a brother god bless your recovery." That has given me the hope of men. I know now that bounds are truly given free. William thanks. I have much to be thankful of now.And Glenn Thank you for this site. I do fell that i have been given a new chapter of life.
Thank Y'all much.

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