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Where have all the pictures gone?


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I wonder if anyone else is suffering this frustration? All the pictures in the gallery have disappeared and have been replaced by little crosses. This is making me a little cross :cry: But the blue print pikkies still work OK. What have I been unknowingly mucking around with?

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All works as normal (well what passes for nomal here) for me.
Try a power down power bar turned off, unplugged from the wall shut down.
Power off to the modem as well if your running DSL or the like.

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Strine: It is probably something with your browser. If you used to see the pictures and don't now, then something is not quite right with your settings. Re-booting does take care of that sometimes because it reloads your browser which may correct the missing graphic device. What browser are you using? Mozilla? MS Internet Explorer? Netscape?

You can check to see what those little crosses are connected to by right-clicking your mouse on top of them. Then select "properties" from the pop-up box. It should show you what the link is that the cross represents. Since everyone else (including me) can see the pictures, I'm going to assume you'll get a valid address when you do that.

Keep trying and let us know.

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