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Most of forges that I am familiar with used for casting are vertical. This way the crucible is heated on the bottom and all sides. Do an internet search for backyard metal casting.

One safety note, when working with molten metal things can go terribly wrong real fast. You also need to control the heat of the metal carefully. This is so you do not flare the zinc from the brass (nasty stuff) and have the proper temperatures for when you start the pour. It is not something I would recommend to do alone, or without instruction from someone who knew what they were doing. Full leathers, full eye protection, full face shields, long sleeves, long pants, leather high top boots, spats, and better call the paramedics before you start so they can be there when (not if, but when) anything happens.

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I think its a bad idea to put brass / copper etc in a 'welding' forge. I accidently melted a lump of copper in my forge (i used to heat it up to pre-heat my press dies)

Couldnt get a forgeweld to stick after that for a good while. Heard others say the same thing.

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The old story about melting copper in a forge and not being able to forge weld afterwards makes no sense to me at all.
For several years I taught smithing at a local horseshoeing school. We used mostly coal forges for the students and the instructor used a gasser for demonstrations. Each student was taught to forge weld horseshoes and also to add a small piece of steel to the the heels of shoes by using copper strips to forge braze these strips in place. The coal forges had been in place for about 35 or 40 years and until the school closed any that could forge weld could use any of the forges to make a nice weld and/or copper braze. Others may have had different experiences But it always worked for us.

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I've forge brazed in my old gasser with copper and brass and it didn't hurt my welding success ratio at all. I know for sure I probably melted at least half a lb of copper in the thing learning to forge the stuff. I decided to take a lash at it at a public demo and kept letting myself get distracted by the usual questions.

I've used it to forge bronze too.

Anyway, copper, brass and bronze in my old gasser and it still welds just fine. Well, it did the last time I welded in it. I haven't done anything but steel in my new one. . . Yet.


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