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Large anvil

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I already own a less heavy bridge anvil and don't like the looks of that one---all the weight is in the base and not up in the bridge where it might be needed! If I owned it I would flip it upside down and have the base surfaced to use as a try plate.

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I have never heard of these in the UK... But I could easily be wrong. As Eyrian says most of the mass is in the base, If the blows on the central part are commensurate (!) with an anvil weighing nearly half a ton, surely there is a danger of cracking or bending the unsupported face.

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I still get gob-smacked by these huge anvils - but that one doesn't "look" like its 900+lbs. :confused:
I forget who, but someone on this list posted a picture of a half-ton of anvil goodness that they just took delivery on. That thing LOOKED HUGE - it looked like an aircraft carrier.

I'm sure the dog in the picture isn't a samll dog (as the person says in their description), but I doubt the pop can is a "big pop can". The scale doesn't make me believe its 900lbs.
I'm sort of familiar with the density and volume ratios of steel and iron - and I'm probably totally wrong about this, but my gut tells me this ain't kosher.


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