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bowling ball shoping


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Went looking for bowling balls to make vice holders like the one that was on the bp the other night and lucked up on a bunch at a thrift store. I picked one up but wife thought it was to pretty for me to cut up and we went back and bought 12 of them. Picked out 2 light ones for the kids to use and me and wife picked out ones we liked the feel of to use. not a bad haul the balls only cost us $1 each and bags cost the same.

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Fore in the hole?

I'm not a golfer but I think yelling FORE is like yelling TIMBER when felling a tree. You ONLY do it if it looks like it might hit someone.

There was a guy I met in S.E. AK who made a bowling ball mortar and used 1/4 stick of dynamite to fire it. I have NO idea where he got bowling balls though, he was a LONG way from the nearest bowling ally.


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Perhaps he wasn't so far away from the ally when he shot them off the *first* time.

I was lucky enough to buy a demonstration bowling ball that had already been halved to show the interior make up---of course I found this *after* manually sawing one in two to make a poor man's engraving vise set up.

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