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Happy Memorial Day Holiday!


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Hello all,
I just wanted to touch base with everybody and wish you all a happy and safe Memorial Day Holiday here in the USA! I would also like to say a special thank you to any of the IFI members and guests out there who have served or are serving our country. Without your sacrifice and willingness to serve we would not be able to assemble every month to enjoy blacksmithing!

I have posted a photo and note on the main page of our guild site for the upcoming holiday. Please check it out and forward the link to anyone serving or who has served so we can share our appreciation with them as well.
Blacksmith Guild of Viriginia - Home

Best regards,

Here is a link for anyone curious on the holiday: Memorial Day History

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I invite all members to take a moment to remember those who have gone before us.

No matter what country they served, or even which side of what conflict, Serving their country and giving up of their lives for its safety is an honor and sacrifice that should not go unnoticed nor unremembered by those of us left behind.

To all of those, I thank you, and may you rest in peace knowing your gift is precious to us.

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"The Price of Freedom is Blood", may we never forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we have the freedoms we enjoy.

And may their families find comfort in knowing a Grateful Nation will never forget them.

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well, everyone said it already, but i may as well. there is a high price of freedom that is often paid in blood. i for one am greatful that people are willing to give their lives for people and keep complete strangers safe and free. and on a lighter note, no drinking and driving. it is the leading cause of teenager deaths in america. have a nice memorial day.

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