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splits in steel

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Hi, Since I joined a couple of months ago I have enjoyed reading the answers to many questions I have had. Keep it up, I'm learning.
Here is a problem I had today. I was making a bender to do scrolls and bends from a large wrench. I heated the handle and flattened it enough to keep it in the vise and bent the handle as well to curve it upright. When it cooled, I noticed that the handle was split in several places, sort of how slate splits. What is the reason for this?

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I would suggest the material from which the wrench was made. Not knowing this means you may be forging it at an incorrect heat.

Some time ago we had a load of old spanners/wrenches and for fun run a competition to make something from them, what a revelation!

The different materials they were made from, produced many failures due to splits and breakages during forging, and yet they were all perfectly good for using as wrenches/spanners.

The 'smiths making these were also surprised as they were well experienced in forging various metal and items.

Wish I had metallurgical graticules on my eyeballs, and suggest you do a materials test (At least try a spark test)to determine what the material is if possible.

This is just one of the problems you face when recycling materials

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