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Horse shoe forge


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Hi all I was given a horse shoe forge that has 2 burners on it. I will try and follow this up with a picture of the unit it looks in good shape it does not look homemade and needs a coat of paint or stove black. It does not have the regulator or regulators and hoses. I will update more after I place picture to see if anyone knows what it is and if it is worth using.
Thank you

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Forget the paint, it isn't going to last long, even stove or header paint.

Get a 0-35psi regulator, gauge and hoses from a propane outlet. You might find them at a good hardware store like a Fleet Farm as well. Otherwise there are places you can order them online.

The gauge isn't there so you operate it at the "RIGHT" pressure. You'll have to determine what psi works best for you and what you're doing at the time. It's there to you can easily and quickly repeat those settings when you need them next.


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that looks like an old gasoline or kerosene   stove; not a forge. It's a serious accident waiting to happen; just the same way any antic gasoline or kerosene torch is. Just don't go there!!!


there is a site on the web dedicated to antique blow torches; it has an extensing safety section, which will explain why to don't want to try and restore that to working condition.


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Welcome aboard Greg, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many of the Iforge gang live within visiting distance. 

I think that would be very cool to own even if I don't know what it was for. I'm with Mike on EVER trying to make it work again, even new those old gasoline blow torches were things to pucker you shut.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Looks to me that it was used for heating the large soldering coppers used to solder seams in a roofing context.  I have a friend who is rather known for his copper roofing work on very FANCY homes and he still prefers to use a charcoal heater for his coppers. (And the roofing supply sold bags of chunk charcoal just for that use!)

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That's what it is, also used by electricians to heat the coppers used to solder wires together prior to the wire nuts used today.

A retired electrician I know has one and hated using it, instead he used a gas blow torch and solder ladle, twisted the wires, heated them and dipped them in the melted solder.

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