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What rod do I need to braze a drawer pull?


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I'm not sure what exactly it is made of. I think it looks like it is cast, but even if I can braze or solder it, I don't know if I can match the patina...(kinda dark brushed finish). I thought, I could also use some sort of high strength epoxy, with an engineered rod to help. That way, heat would not risk damaging it.
Any suggestions would be helpful! I need to see about putting a picture up, that would probably help me with responses! :D

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I have welded drawer handles succesfully, lots of them are cast ZINC. I use the tig welding process and I use ZINC rod. This is not for the newbe welder, as it takes a skilled hand to accomplish. Zinc has a low melting point and most will end up with a puddle of it on the floor before they know it. Without "seeing" it - it's hard to say what actual mat'l it is though. Yes you will damage the patina or coating that is the factory coating - nothing can be done with or about that. Most of the ones I've done are not replaceable or they didn't want to change out all of them to a new or different style. - Just my info - if it's helpfull - JK

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Many of the decorative hardware items are made of a zinc/ aluminum alloy
similar to that used in automobile interior hard ware.

As said it has a very low melting point just a few degrees higher that a lead alloy. Using a zinc rod is a previously said the only way to attempt it.

You might get buy with one of the "aluminum" welding rods sold for patching screen doors and the like. They use a small propane torch to do the "welding"

You will definitely froch the finish .

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Thanks everyone. I do still have some "Alladin?" rods for aluminum, am I remembering correct that I would use a slightly carbonizing flame, and back it up with some copper? I probably will use the epoxy, w/ touch-up for this one. I would hate to melt away any of it.
Thanks again, Mark

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