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Greetings from Wisconsin

Mark Tutt

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Hello all.

We moved to Wisconsin about 5 years ago to be closer to my wife's family after we had kids. I'm currently working as a computer consultant. In my teens my father and I did some knife making with the stock removal method, just a few pieces for fun and friends. I've always been fascinated by blade smithing, and finally decided I want to give it a try to pass the long cold winters here.

I've done a lot of reading, and have signed up for a couple of workshops and a week long Japanese sword forging class this fall. I'm starting to work out where I want to put a shop (storing my boat in the winter and using the garage stall it currently occupies is my current plan) and what I need for equipment.

Does anyone know if Larson's Books is still operating? I've tried emailing and leaving a phone message about buying the Hugh McDonals rolling mill plans but haven't gotten any response as of yet (week and a half).

Anyone want to recommend plans for a hydraulic press and/or power hammer?

Thanks, and I'll be asking a lot more questions!

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Welcome aboard Mark, glad to have ya.

You might try searching this site for "hydraulic forging press," etc. it's been discussed a number of times and I recall links to pics and plans being posted. I don't have any in my bookmarks or I'd post them.

There are plenty of excellent knife makers here to talk to, you've found good company.


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Dr Jim Batson used to sell plans for a hydralic knife press
I see one get used every year at his conference in Alabama
UMBA Online has quite a few members in Wisconson or if you are near MN there is the guild of metalsmiths.
You can find their web adress by going to this pages home page and check out groups.

The next UMBA meeting is at Haverhill, Ia May 16/17
It will be on forging not knives

As for powerhammers
Clay spencer sell tire hammer plans
There is the rusty hammer plans
Kinyon air hammer plans
Several tgreadle hammers plans

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