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It's a disease; I finally put a limit on the number of anything I have and then if I want to upgrade I have to sell off one to add the new one. As the finding is kinda fun in itself i usually have a list of folks who want to buy what I find.

This keeps a *little* free space in the shop to move around in and allows the bank account some respite.

When I read about folks with hundreds of anvils/swage blocks/postvises all I can think of is that they can't use them all and hoarding them is just making it harder on new folks trying to find stuff to get started.


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If a few more people would have the desire for knives, I could have me a big swage block. I now have three anvils, one light enough to carry around and two for the shop. Well, I have another ASO that is ten lbs and sits on the knife bench.Grin.

I have SWABA swage block spoke for but have not gotten it as yet.


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