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Kniyon style hammer doesnt Stroke

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I Have a kniyon style hammer that I built a while ago roughly 100# head weight,

2 1/2 drive cylinder (Prince hydraulic)
Parker pneumatic solenoid valve
80 Gallon Home depot special compressor

when I first built it I had it running well, about 3 Hits/ second
but I built it in my garage and didn't want to run it in the attached garage, so it's been sitting to the side until I can get my shop built out back.

I fired it up the other day just on a lark and it's refusing to stroke properly, the head travels up and holds for 2-3 seconds then drops, repeatedly.......

I replaced the solenoid and the selector valve and it hasn't made any difference that I can see.

any ideas???

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if you had it setting for a long time the seals in the cylinder my be dry. try putting a very small amount of oil in one side of the cylinder. cycle a few times and see if it improves. do not put too much oil in or it will "hydrolic" on you. It would not funtion well like that either.

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Also, depending on the type of oil you ran i the oiler, it may have solidified a little to aid in the sticking.
Can you test the oiler to make sure it is adding oil? If it is you may want to try and turn it up for a few minutes of cycles to rejuvinate the old oil.

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