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Anvil Identification help?

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Perhaps you folks could help me identify a 238# anvil The only markings I have been able to find on the side of the anvil are a clear stamping of the number "2" on the left hand side (~center Height), a clear stamping of the number "13" on the right hand side (~center Height), and the letter "F" on the lower central side of the anvil. A little reading showed me that the celtic anvil would have three numbers and if the central number was gone, or a zero Two hundredth weights (112#) plus zero quarter hundredth weights plus 13 actually equal 238#. Does this make sense to any of you who would know better than I?????? I also have not been able to figure out what the "F" might mean. I have looked at the bottom and found nothing, and lightly wire brushed most of the surfaces. Should I be looking elsewhere??
Also, what would this anvil be worth in the midwest (US). Horn is ~11 inches, flat is almost 18 by ~4 5/8, and the base is 11X11 inches.

I'm quite new to this forum format, and am struggling with the details.
I think I was able to post some pictures on my gallery under gmann555@att.net, or also my name on the introductory myself pages entry of http://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/f23/allow-me-introduce-myself-11327/

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Your math is off just a tad. 2.0.13 == 224+13=237, but ya got the right idea. Pictures will help with the identification and also with the $$ of the anvil. I talked to a gentleman this past Sat. at an antique tractor meeting that had sold a 400# anvil he didn't need for $450.00. he said it came out of an old RR shop and was in great conditon...I always hear about those good deal, sigh... Condition is paramount with the pricing of an anvil.

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Well if it's marked in CWT that generally means it will be an English brand (of which there were over 200 according to Postman)

One that does use the F would be William Foster; if so look for a date stamp as well!

Prices in good using condition: $1 bragging/steal; $2 decent; $3 topping out; $3+ you should have let it go!

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