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The NEBA group has been rebuilding anvil faces for years..  I've seen some of the work that has gotten done and it's first rate..  They offer an anvil rebuilding class each winter and for the money it's well worth it..  They do pre and post heat..

If I had an anvil with damage like that I would have no problem taking it to NEB for a one on with the gang..

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Not done yet but this was cut from 4" plate. Horn was roughed with a O/A torch the finished with a 7" zircon flap disc. Feet cut separate and will be severely welded ;)

This is a 80# piece of drop from cutting a hole in a steel plate. No one said an anvil has to have the standard anvil shape.

140-lb pre-1910 Peter Wright. Aged, badly abused, and severely chipped, but no cracks or large chunks broken off. Stand fabbed from scrap angle, strap iron and some fresh 1" square tubing. Two "cutout

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On 12/8/2016 at 0:32 PM, SkoobyNewb said:

Plan on getting it professionally resurfaced to fix that missing chunk and the various dings on the face.

I'd have them mill the section with the missing chunk into a 45 degree plane. It would be more useful than you'd imagine

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9 minutes ago, ausfire said:

Stop worrying about what's wrong with it and just use it! What do you need to do that it can't handle? Enjoy its character.:)

It does make you appreciate a nice new anvil if you ever decide to buy one, and it's better to bang up the old banged up ones.

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13 hours ago, BattleBoar said:

This is my 124lb Foster 1855 I just picked up. Built this stand for it out of 2 3/8 pipe in a circle on two blind flanges. Filled the centre and the pipe with sand and chained tight.

I love it! ...Though I think your stand is worth aa much as the anvil, lol.

How high is it?

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Thanks. I think it is 25 inch tall overall.  Anvil sits just below wrist height for me. It didn't cost me much to build. The blind flanges were scrap and the pipe was just a bunch of cutoffs I had from building fence panels. It did take a lot of welding rods to seal weld the whole thing so it would hold sand though...

It isn't on the boards anymore, those were just for building. 

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2 minutes ago, the iron dwarf said:

it is marked in hundredweight (112 lbs ) CWT

quarter hundredweight ( 28 lbs )

and pounds


stones are another weight

One stone equals 14 pounds. 

Two stone equals 28 pounds (1/4 hundredweight).

Eight stone equals one hundredweight (112 pounds).

Oddly enough, when used as a unit of weight, "stone" is one of those words (like sheep and moose) that takes the same form in both singular and plural.

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On ‎12‎/‎8‎/‎2016 at 4:03 PM, SkoobyNewb said:

Yes, I was told that there are specific welding sticks that work great for exactly this.

New England Blacksmith's Pres. at the Murrell Metal Shop in Colraine Mass. holds an anvil repair event every Jan. and have for many yrs.  They repair anvils there on that day but I  know this yrs. has bee sold out for a while.  Look it up on NEBs sight and call for next yr.  I would think it better to go where they have done MANY with good results than somebody who can weld and has opinions on the rod.  They have a number of experienced people on hand that day to do the welding and you do the needed grinding.  Never have heard anything negative about this event.  Esp since you are in NH.

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Picked up this 150lb Vulcan anvil...I need to shorten the stand by 3 inches before I use it.

It's got some nice edges and around 70-75% bounce. Drop a ball bearing on it from 10" & it returns at 7 - 7 1/2" on just about the entire surface.

Will I notice a huge difference working metal on this versus my 90lb mousehole? (Mousehole has 70-75% bounce) 

Can't wait to pound steel on it.

Thanks for looking...Bruce



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11 minutes ago, Bhutton said:

Will I notice a huge difference working metal on this versus my 90lb mousehole?

If both of the old Mousehole and the new Vulcan  are true to type, probably the  most obvious and immediate difference will be how much quieter the new one is. 

You'll probably find that the heavier anvil resists your hammer blows better, especially if securely mounted on a heavy, stable base. The less force is wasted on moving the anvil, the more goes into moving the metal.

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