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Not done yet but this was cut from 4" plate. Horn was roughed with a O/A torch the finished with a 7" zircon flap disc. Feet cut separate and will be severely welded ;)

This is a 80# piece of drop from cutting a hole in a steel plate. No one said an anvil has to have the standard anvil shape.

140-lb pre-1910 Peter Wright. Aged, badly abused, and severely chipped, but no cracks or large chunks broken off. Stand fabbed from scrap angle, strap iron and some fresh 1" square tubing. Two "cutout

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that is about perfect. 

I like a larger radius for most things but about 1/8" is a great place to start.   The issue here is you have a double radius because of the heavy chamfer. 

I wouldn't be concerned with the edge towards the handle or center of the hammer but more the one that you have been working on. 

Looks really good from where I sit. 

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Much better, what you don't want is a sharp edge. If you were to take some emery cloth and buff it like a shoe shine guy it'd be perfect. Well as perfect as anything blacksmith. ;)

Fire up and beat something on it!:)

Frosty The Lucky.

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