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Check this out folks, good article, pics

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These are the House bro's from here in Kentucky..They made the rifle that Mel Gibson carried in the "Patriot" and two pistols that Russle Crowe carried in "Far side of the world"..Lots of pics, them forging the barrel and lock pieces..etc..
An American Tradition

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I've been diggin' Hershel in Foxfire 5 since I was just a lad.

Never met those guys, but have only heard good things about them.

I have had the opportunity to handle a couple of Hershel's guns. They are that much nicer up close.

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We are going to have Clay Smith come and demo for us on May 16th. He is going to do a gunsmithing demo. He used to work at Williamsburg in the Gun Shop and leaned under Wallace Gusler. He is now out on his own making guns....There is a photo on his website of him and one of the guys from "Last of the Mohicans" holding a gun he made for him.

I am excited about the demo!
Clay Smith Go there and look around. He has some beautiful stuff!


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I saw Hershel at a SOFA Quad-State before; great smith and a good demonstrator. He did the knifemaking and kept the crowd even during the slow hand work pats.

I still remember his story about a cousin of his from the part of the family where the tree don't fork and trimming the dog's tail...

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