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Show me your Bottle Openers!

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That one is still salvageable!  Cut off the nasty end and then draw out a long skinny piece and loop it around and forge weld it to the main mass to make the loop.  Work it at welding temps and you can leave the weld visible as an "artistic statement".  A light etc and a good coating of wax or BLO afterwards and you'll have one you can charge extra for!

Drawing out, looping around and forge welding was often used with real WI to avoid drifting issues as WI is very sensitive to the difference of working with the grain and across the grain. So much so they even came up with rolling WI in two different directions 90 deg to each other to try to make it a bit more uniform in properties.  I have some Byers bidirectional rolled plate---instead of stringy breaks it has platey breaks! 

(Actually if you are comfortable forge welding you could probably forge weld the end into rectangular stock as it stands and draw it out as needed.)

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Nice opener, especially for a first, Firemedic, I'd be pleased too. Very pleased.

I've found doing the twist before forging the rest of the product makes for nicer transitions between twist and smooth sections. Not always but it generally works well for me.

That's just a twist tip, not a criticism.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Nice openers Morcy, you even got the dolphin's nostril pinched closed! Excellent bit of detail.

The old man looks like he sat on something pointy. It's a great expression for an opener, a real attention getter.

Well done, I like.

Frosty The Lucky.

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