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Show me your Bottle Openers!

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Grumpybiker,  nice sequence of photos with your opener.  Nice work! I've never done wooden handles like those and others I have seen here but definitely inspiring!  What are you using for the finish on the wood and metal?  Looks acrylic spray paint to me.  Thanks for posting.


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This one was a great learning experience, a lot of forge welding practice.

The twist is borrowed from John at Blackbear Forge. I wanted to see if I could do it, plus wanted another opener.

Take away was to make sure the twists are even, and try to add more material for the opener end. I grew worried I would split it as I drifted it larger.


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On 9/29/2018 at 9:20 AM, GrumpyBiker said:

Made a mini opener. glad some folks here posted their wood handled openers. I’ve been having a blast making them.

I love that!   A wooden handled bottle opener.   Knife makers have another weapon to handle now.  But grinding out a bottle opener might be a challenge!  On the flip side no quench and temper issues...

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I've experimented with some patters on my openers. I really don't like the zig-zag one, but what do you think? Are there any good looking patterns that are quick to cut with a chisel? The openers will be sold, so it can't be any over complicated ones that take a lot of time.

(Any other thoughts on the openers are also appreciated! :) )


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Similar to the zig-zag, try a crosshatched pattern with repeating lines (equidistant spacing will help the overall appearance) going both directions. For variety space the lines going one way close together, and the lines going the other way farther apart. A little variation creates a strikingly different look. Varying the depth can also provide some interesting and unique looks.

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Worked up a new tentacle opener this weekend. The hooks on the end are a result of a failed round punch in too thin of material. I started over with a slitter that left me with more material but I decided to leave the failed nubs as a part of the look.


Also pictured in the first shot are some Talon claws I like to make out of all the short round cuts you end up having sitting in the scrap bin...





Here is another opener I gifted to a good friend. I did a non traditional end with a little tentacle wrap.  This one was a ton of fun to make. First time using my sucker punching jig pictured. My test of function is always hooking a bottle and balancing it in the air. If it works I don't get a broken bottle and beer on my floor. So far none have failed.





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The jig is just for holding the stock so I can punch the suckers by hand. Works well. I adapted the simple angle iron piece I saw a fellow Instagram contact had posted. My work has V blocks for holding round stock for measurments that have a similar bolt hold down, so I just combined the ideas.

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That’s an idea.

Another idea is if the Moderators are going to remove a post it would be appreciated if they’d send a PM as to why.


Its as if knives are okay but these aren’t?

 If we leave a note to explain some one will get upset,  so we have been told not to any more, basically none of the knives have been posted with suggestions for them to be used to hurt people


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Grumpy, knives can be used as weapons, but we do not discuss the methods or results. Same with other weapons. We are a G rated family forum.

If you had said you opener has a duel purpose, to open both bottles and beer cans, (think of the church key used before the pop top key holes) then there would have been no eye brows raised.

There was a PM from me to you as soon as I got to a computer. Please check your PM box.

Sometimes it takes a while to catch up, in this case 4 hours. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me directly. 

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