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Show me your Bottle Openers!

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Haven't done any openers in quite a while but after the passing of one of my all-time favorites a couple weeks ago, Tom Petty, I thought this would be a good project.

I made the iconic Tom Petty logo of the flying-V guitar piercing through a torn heart into an opener, all one piece of steel with no welds. I thought this would be a cool way that Tom and I can always have a beer together. Very tricky to make with the guitar tapering one direction while the heart tapers the other way. Polished the heart and left some forge scale on the other parts for a nice contrast and cool look.

LOTS of time into this, but worth it.... Today is Tom Petty's birthday.  Happy Birthday Tom, I hope you like it.


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32 minutes ago, MDDstudios said:

Did not do much today, just experimented a little with punching, cutting and slitting. Only thing I made was a horseshoe hoof pick.

Not bad for a first go. Take a look at the texture, the surface needs a good brushing at orange heat to remove the blistering which says you got it too hot. Once it gets into the black it needs a finishing: boiled linseed oil, one of the many waxes, lots of choices you can find out about in the finishing section of IFI. 

It's NOT a bottle opener though!:o (scandalized GASP! :rolleyes:) Your post should go in your: "intro" post or the "What I did in the shop today" section. No biggy, it takes a while to learn to navigate the forum, it's a BIG place. 

Not a bad hoof pick it'll do the job well done.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Don't really know what I was trying to do here. I like to experiment a bit with different twists. This 12mm bar had small saw cuts on the  opposite corners, alternating along the bar. Didn't know what to expect. Bit like a cube twist with the concave faces.  It's not very even, but worth another try I think:




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Ausfire; how about adding dice pips to the faces before twisting. 

A smith I know used to sell blacksmith's loaded dice made in steel.  They always rolled 7---of course one die had all 3 pips and the other had all 4 pips. They were sold with a warning that the smith would take no responsibility for any bodily injuries sustained by the buyer while using them...

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