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Show me your Bottle Openers!

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My first two bottle openers.  If you look closely, one was going to be a pineapple twist but I stopped at just twisting one direction so it has a funky extra twist look.  The other is all about more practice.  

bottle opener the 2nd pic 1.jpg

bottle opener the first pic 1.jpg

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I was bored today and decided to do a bottle opener playing with a couple of different textures that I frequently use, though never in the same piece.  Each texture was applied using it's own modified hammer.  The bulk of it is a sort of parallel groove pattern that I typically use to emulate a woody/bark type finish.  The other texture, set off by parallel grooves across the handle, is a random crosshatch patter.  The tricky part was containing that crosshatch pattern within the limits of the parallel grooves.  Sorry but the latter pattern doesn't render well in this photo.


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3 minutes ago, Nobody Special said:

You can get a neat texture effect like that by running your chisel or grinder w cutoff wheel into the face of a hammer and using it as a struck tool.

Make a poll or heat treat as needed, but it lets you put consistent bark patterns in using one or two strikes instead of lots. Can use it for lots of textures.

A few of my openers. The harpoon ones go like hotcakes.



Yes, that's all true, but in nature bark patterns are not consistent, they are pretty random and that's why I use a hammer rather than a struck tool.



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I was just splitting the horns to start another bull's head bottle opener when one of the visitors, a little girl said, 'Can you make a dragon like Smaug?' I think she had been watching a Hobbit movie. I have never made a dragon so I split the horns a bit further and gave it a try. It looks a bit 'bullish' but I was happy with it for a first go. I need to make it look a bit craggier and fiercer ... and has anyone forged a dragon with a tongue sticking out?? That would be a challenge.





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