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Hello Everyone!


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Hey everyone out there in cyberspace, just thought I would drop a line in here, as I am new (both to iforgeiron.com and forging as well).

I just got done wrapping up my first forge build, and learned a ton of stuff. A thanks to all the posters (or threads, or discussions) that gave alot of info on building one. And off to the junk yard, i ran!:D

It came out pretty well (I thought) for a first time job, but definately saw much room for improvement.

I posted all the steps I did to make it, however, they are in reverse order! oh well, i think yall can figure that out for yourselves. I will try and post some pics of my currently being redone new forge when completed.

Thanks again, and nice to meet all of you.

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! What part of MO are you from? The BAM is having their annual conference in Sedalia next weekend, April30-May2....I think those are the correct dates. check their web site>> Blacksmiths Association of Missouri : ABANA affiliate. to make sure. Also, JOIN THIS GROUP! They are a great group of folk and glad to help newbies. The conference will be a good place to see some excellent smith teaching and also they have 'tailgating'....great places to find those blacksmith toys...er, I mean TOOLS that you NEED!;) Once again, welcome. Look forward to seeing your work as you progress.

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I am in a small town north of springfield called "Humansville", a VERY small town where i own/operate a small farm (500 acres, give or take...). I appreciate the link to the MO blacksmithing group, cant make this round, but will DEFINATELY look up future events, as I dont think my wife would like to spend her 20th anniversary with me there....though I would have a blast! :D

Thanks for the tip!

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Now that's a forge to be reckoned with. Very nice work. Do yourself a favor though, and get some coal or real wood charcoal to forge with. Kingsford is not the optimum fuel to use.

Does the forge have an ash dump? and if so, how do you get to it? Otherwise, you will get clogged up and lose your air to the fire.

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Welcome aboard Opinionated One, glad to have ya.

You'll want something heavier than expanded metal for the air grate as well, that one will burn up pretty quickly. Being a bit smaller wouldn't hurt either.

Nice to see you just doing it, then again a farmer can't afford to endlessly "study" on a thing.


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The Kingsford was more experimental than actual, and I did use some dried hickory which worked out better than char b que.

Updated the hair dryer to a "lil Devil" vacuum (reversed, of course), and added some bricks to help control the breeze and air flow.

The fire pot btw is a hub from I believe an old Allis Chalmers rear wheel, so plenty thick. Which I got from a local scrapyard for....FREEEE...helps knowin the guys there!

As for the grate, i think i am going to put in some clay or something to help make the tuyere hole smaller....and yes, the clean out is at the bottom of the pipe, hairdryer goes to a "T", cleanout about 6" below the intake line.

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Hey ya'll from NW Iowa. I'm 23 and been a full time farrier since I graduated high school. I have slowed down a bit since the offer of a job i couldnt pass up, but i have started to get a big intrest in the blacksmith side. My first goal in to either build or buy (hopefully cheap) a coal forge. I have my gaser from shoeing but the job i took is at a coal fired power plant. So i have access to a few millon pounds of coal. Plus i've always wanted a coal.
So what i'm looking for is any advice on the basic tools, and help even keepin a fire going. (never even worked outta a coal forge) Been looking for a swage block, hardies, cones, textureing tools, and different hammers. If any of you have any thing that still in useable shape at a reasonable price I would be intrested. Would also be able to ship coal as trade or a partial trade. Thank you, and again any advive even really genral woud be great.

Thanks again,

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