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A visit with a Great Guy & Utah Blacksmith


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While I was in Provo Utah visiting the grandkids, I had the chance to visit a Blacksmith shop in Salt Lake City, called Lightening Forge, the owner, Paul DiFrancesco was extremely welcoming and gracious. As a fellow ABANA member, he was willing to allow me to wander around and look at all his shop had, and boy, does it have some stuff! He was working on some railing top, and also allowed me lend a hand in the process, which of course had me grinning from ear to ear. He also spent quite a bit of time discussing the merits of his 2 tire hammers, one of which he uses in his shop constantly, the other apparently is for sale. That sure made me feel good about the decision to make mine! He and his son Christian, were really great! I can not thank them enough, and I highly recommend that we all try to emulate their behaviour when visiting smiths come calling. If I lived in Utah, I'd be there weekly, probably try to get a job there!! In any event, here is a pic of Paul and I in front of his Chambersburg 300, what a hammer!! Time did not allow me to get with 2 other Utah smiths, Mark and ChadJ I'll be looking you guys up next time!!

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