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basket twister

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I am starting to learn to make basket twists by hand. but when i saw this video it looked too easy. Has anyone made a similar machine or tool for making twists.
and/or are they easy/cheap to buy (preferrably in europe)

YouTube - ohýbače na predaj (from 22 sec)

I saw a blueprint for a twister in the blueprints section.
It would be fun to have one that you can make basket twists as well.
I guess it would need to have enough height and have the possibility to fix the slider.

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Btw. this is not spam or anything.
It was apparently eisenkraft who made the tools,
here is the twister
YouTube - EISENKRAFT MT Master Twister & Basket (RUS version) (1 min)
but they apparently sell only to resellers or smth.
But it seems quite easy to create such a machine oneself.

Here is another one that does not have "threads" on the rotating part (so that it moves to and fro)

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I've seen the Eisenkraft machines demo'ed at a show last year.

They only sell at trade shows, and not through dealers, and if I'm remember right the company is in Austria.

The price quoted to me for the entire set was R95000, that is about $9500.
It is also possible to buy the machines separately, more expensive of course, and the quote for the ring roller only was R18000 ($1800).

Interesting sort of sales technique the guy had. He would demonstrate something, and the spend the next ten minutes telling you how expensive the stuff in the shops is and how much money you can make, and how easy it is to make money with his machines. Very effective too, I have to say.

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some of the machines they had there harborfreight sold years ago the picket twister ,scroll twister,and ring roller probaly not as good quality but did the job i had to do years ago not it gives me ideas of adapting the twister with some thing like those basket dies

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