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I Forge Iron

Greetings from Cliff

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Since I am now making the odd (very odd if you look at them) leaf for the Tree Project...

And I have joined the A.B.A...

And I am buying components to make my portable forge...

So now I am on the forum.

I am looking forward to meeting more smithies and learning to make things other than leaves.



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Cheers back Cliff, glad to have ya.

Okay, so where would Diamond Creek be?

And what else besides leaves would you like to be making?


Cheers Frosty,

Diamond Creek is in Victoria, about 2 miles north of Melbourne and 5 or so miles south of where the big fires were (and where I was fighting them).

And only a couple of miles away from a few other forum members too.

I am hoping to work my way up to making practical things with a decorative edge. From garden spikes for tying plants to, up to garden gates. Influences would include Art Nouveau and the work of Gaudi.

For now though I am happy to learn some of the more basic things, like making myself some tools!
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