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Show us a photo of your IForgeIron t-shirts, IForgeIron stickers, your Hofi hammer, or your IFI Hofi t-shirt. We know they are out there, we just want to see where, or how far they have traveled.

I went by the main entrance onto the huge courtyard and bumped into this chap. He is a Yeoman of the Tower, more commonly known as a *Beefeater*. He had an Australian accent funnily enough and was in the royal engineers during his service. Ian Lowe

Me Hofi, in Israel.

My new tool box all stickered up, hammerkid

Donna Douglas (Elly May Clampett) of the Beverley Hillbilly TV show and Garey Ford.

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IForgeIron Banners

Ian Lowe's parting message to me the day before he left OZ, , Dale Russell

What do you do with a worn out IFI t-shirt , put it up on the wall, Dale Russell

Richard Thibeau bringing in the coke for the day
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I was at a birthday party and a lady walked up to me and said something I did not catch. I ask her to please repeat what she said so I could hear it better. To my surprise she said *your shirt* it says מישראל באהבה. We then had a nice chat about a blacksmith that makes hammers.

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Here I am at the Gatlinburg Scottish Festival & Games (Gatlinburg, TN).

Gatlinburg Scottish Festival & Games

Check out the hanging sign for Clan Smith.
I have no ancestral affiliation, but they thought it was cool to have a smith visiting the Smiths.
A lot of their history revolves around blacksmiths and armourors.

I met two more blacksmiths during the day. One of them said he was registered on Iforgeiron as well.

Always a good time at GSFG.




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I got hired to fly down to Long Beach and run sound at the Ink N Iron festival last weekend. How can you call it that and not have any anvils around? :)

The first one is the view from my desk--the second is me onstage.




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Okay, finally got around to taking some pics (wife left me alone for a couple of hours--what could *possibly* go wrong? A couple of leaf key-rings, that's what!). I absolutely LOVE this hammer!! And after taking Mr. Hofi's advice of kissing the hammer and then walking around the anvil 7 times each day, it *does* forge by itself!;) (oh, and the black stuff around the anvil, if you couldn't tell is small pieces of coal/dust from busting up bowling ball sizes that I got for cheap)





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I Forge Iron T spotted on Maine TV. A Smith is running a new school out of a non-profit in Orland Me. He was demonstrating for a news crew (Ch 6 ) and was sporting one of your T's. Good Press. I believe the article was titled "Ancient Arts".

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Greeti ngs from Norris Point in beautiful Newfoundland, Canada.
We're on vacation for 2.5 weeks - here we're at week 1.
I have been just dumbfounded by the absolute stunning beauty of Newfoudland - if you've ever thought about going to Newfoundland ... YOU HAVE TO VISIT THIS PLACE !!!

We're here actually for a working holiday ... one of the viking groups I belong to got invited to come to Norstead in Newfoundland - next to L'ans aux Meadow to work in the interpretation. So for 5 days I'll be the blacksmith at Norstead.


post-4558-066379100 1278546942_thumb.jpg

post-4558-083579200 1278546952_thumb.jpg

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