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I Forge Iron

Check out my new (first) Anvil

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Picked up my first anvil yesterday !! :D

Its seen a fair bit of use, and has had some work done to it.

It weighs in at about 55kg, 22'' long 10''tall. Unfortunately one of the feet has broken off, but that just adds character :)

Im very happy with it.

Looks like an old english anvil to me - I tried the flour trick but cant find any markings other than the small round dimple in the front foot.

It has got 3 handling holes, and a shallow depression in the base (it is hourglass shape, but then so is the base)

I read that anvils with this style of feet stopped being made after 1895?

Any ideas on anvil identification?

Im looking forward to trying it out - first I've got to form some straps, or chain it down. (photos are before I finished the stand, its 4'' higher now)

So what do you think?


More photos in the Gallery

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Nice looking anvil. I wouldn't worry about the broken foot, it won't limp much and if it does you probably won't notice it. The chips down the side don't seem to be too bad either, just take a good grinder with a sanding disc and dress them up to a nice radius. Should serve you well!

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look like a good deal. If you want to try to splint the broken leg you can, but I doubt it will heal. :D But not a major issue as few anvils need to run marathons. I think you made a good purchase.

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Stab in the dark.....looks Mousehole to me, but they all do.

I say that based on the shape of the feet... for comparison:

A couple of other things. Does it look like it is forged from a couple of pieces, especially near the horn.

Here is sort of a side by side look at different ones, scroll down and look at all the mouseholes feet compared to others:

Google Image Result for http://cbl4823.googlepages.com/n24409824_31856146_1780.jpg/n24409824_31856146_1780-full%3Binit:.jpg

Seeing as you have no marks, the best I could say would be to look at the pictures?

Plus Mousehole were made in UK, so I say there should be a good few around yet.

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Face looks a little thin but has years of life left in it *IFF* you don't grind it off trying to clean it up! (hint, hint).

There were several hundred different shops in England that made anvils over a 2 century span many of them are quite similiar.

I'd just say it was made by John Doe and get on to using it!

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The mouse hole that I had was actually four pieces.:
body, Horn, heel and top.

On mine the top was worn down to less than an eight inch thick in one spot.

My horn was seperating from the top and produced a crack across the face.

Many of the mouse hole anvils in the southern United States were damaged or destroyed by the Union Army during the recent unpleasantness. :D

I repaired mine but it took a lot of time and effort not to mention a BIG three phase industrial welding machine. I still have traces of welders tan because I didn't use a apple protector.

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If you have access to a router you can custom mortice it into a wood block and fit it to your stand. If you go the router route (grin) start in the center and work your way out to the edge so you end up with a nice flat bottom and reduce the chance of it rocking. Add a bit of clay or sand to the bottom when you set it and it'll fit like a glove.

Nice score by the way and what other goodies did you get?


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Thanks Frosty,

was thinking on similar lines just reversed - fixing down some pieces either side of the base with the curves of the negative space of the footprint (terminology??) ) (

I'd like to strap it down to the cast base as being a little anvil I can tip it up by pushing down on the horn - last thing I want to do it trip and pull the anvil down ontop of me!

It would also make it harder for the locals to 'liberate' it from my property.

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