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I Forge Iron

Thomas Dean


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Happy Birthday Ole Tommy Boy, I thought of putting this in the Prayer section, as you are over the hill so to speak.

Did you get a black wheelchair decorated with Black Ballons. LOL

Old Welders don't quit, they just get a new HOT ROD and create MORE SPARKS.

I guess the Stork was Busy, Busy, so the Easter Bunny had to sub for the Stork. LOL

Anyway Happy B Day and many more to come.

Jr and Cookie

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VERY FUNNY GUYS!!! I waited until today to post a reply....just to prove I'm still alive a kickin'! ;) I do appreciate the greetings and thoughts, just goes to prove once again that this place is really a LARGE family. Thanks agian guys.

I did get my 135# hammer moved and set up in my shop, had do do some major rearranging and clean up to get her in, also had to get 20' of power cord, plug and receptical but she's running! Told my wife that this was my b-day gift....Christmas, anniversary, Father's Day, 4th of July, May Day, Easter, President's Day, and all the rest.... But works for me!!

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