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Howdy ya'll


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I am just beginning to get my feet wet in this field. I don't know a darn thing about how to work Iron. I have purchased 2 books though, $50 Knife Shop & Step by Step Knifemaking. I purchased some Fire Brick yesterday and Refractory Cement to use in the joints. I haven't come up with a design yet that will be functional yet. I hope I don't blow myself up or something. Well, Howdy again and I 'll talk to ya'll later. Rooster.

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Welcome aboard Rooster, glad to have ya.

There are plenty of knife makers here to learn from. It'll help you a lot if you start by reading " Getting Started, Lessons and Blue Prints" section of the site. Take notes as you read, especially write down questions you have, then when you come to a good place to stop try searching the site with your questions.

Of course you can ask the forum but it really helps if you have an idea of what to ask and what the answers mean.

If you'll click "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location it'll make a big difference. IFI is represented by more than 50 countries and a lot of info is location specific. Also it's good if local folk know you're around so they can tip you to get togethers, tool deals and lend hands on help.


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yea welcome to the site. you've hit pay dirt, The info is here, and so is the help, Be Sure and check out the Knife Chats on Friday nite's.. also there's a tread on Knife making..Plus be sure and check out the Picture's in the Gallery of the different knifes. you will be pleasantly surprised at all the neat stuff in there..

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