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Bought a paragon electric furnace, 2000 F

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It is shown on the thumbnail below.

I won it at a liquidation auction.

This is a 240v, 7,200 W furnace that goes up to 2,000 degrees F, which is "bright yellow" color.

I think that it should be enough for blackmithing, though maybe not for forge welding. But I can do arc welding.

I like electricity better than gas, for a few reasons, such as better understanding of electricity and lower risk. I can run it indoors if I want.

Thus furnace seems to be a older version of their current HT-22D furnace that you can see in this PDF document:


Tihs furnace may be killing two birds with one stone, one is that it would be useful for all sorts of heat treating, and two, I can use it for blacksmithing purposes.

Any comments?


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That'll be good for heat treating, but I don't think you'll find it satisfactory as a source of heat for forging. It's going to heat the steel primarily through radiant heat and a little convection. That'll be a very slow process compared to any common heat source for forging, such as solid fuel, gas or oil. (Or induction. Man, I'd love an induction forge! But that's a little OT.)

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Nice furnace!
I missed one at auction a few months ago:( Turns out it went for a good price.
Use your for heat treating and not forging...very slow as said before and the first electric bill will set you back on your heals or flat out bowl you over.

Using electricity to make heat is one of the least efficiant uses.

Go with a gasser, you can run it indoors too, just need some ventilation.

There is a world of information on this site to help you learn more:D

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So, guys, would you say that it is useless for regular blacksmithing, to heat parts to be pounded into shape? Or is it just sub-optimal and a tad too slow? That would be a bummer, if I could not use it for blacksmithing, then I would get rid of it.

Hopefully I will pick it up on Tuesday.

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I've heard lots of methods of heating metal for beating, but this isn't one of them. I take that as a bad sign. But not having tried it myself, I really can't say for sure. You should definitely give it a whirl, though (don't electrocute yourself!), and if you're interested in knifemaking I'd say you should certainly hold onto it for heat treating!

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It would be great for heat treating but a no go for forging. Not designed for that, takes and enclosed atmosphere for it to get up to temps. It appears to be an older oven without a controller, hard to tell from the pic. Looks like an analog stove type dial with no ramp and soak but if you got it at a good price you could always add and pid controller.


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