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Billet Tutorial for Damascus MIKE


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Mike, I jumped straight into damascus forging without doing much 'general' blacksmithing, I'd hit on a few hot bars by hand (and used a lot of powerhammers)

But...... Ive worked in the industrial forging game 1/2 my life, so I knew what I was aiming for when I set about building and aquiring all the tools needed for patternwelding.

You will save yourself alot of frustration and money if you can get a couple of days in at a bladesmiths forge (who specialises in patternwelding) before you start building your own stuff. Even doing it 'on the cheap' it can get pretty spendy pretty quickly!

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Mike, you don't even have a forge yet?

I hate to say this, but you're wasting your time worrying about this stuff right now. It's great to read, and be interested, but worry about getting a forge that will get the job done first because that IMO is the major task at hand for anyone who wants to be a hobby bladesmith.

You can have all the supplies and materials needed, but if you don't get your forge but you're going nowhere fast.

If you want, I can give show you how I built mine and I had steel sparking last night.

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who ever told you i dont have a forge?

im all finished making my forge and it called forge of hollow shadows,i know its corny but i thought to myself that i put so much hard work into it so i should name it.ill post picks once i bring it home bcoz its at my blcksmith course right now

hey John N i know what u mean when u say i must first to the practical stuff and i wish i knew how but funny enough my blcksmith tutor is lazy and doesnt wanna teach me, but i cant complain it is free after all.i just wish i knew where to get free leasons

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