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new belt for 100# little giant

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Hi all-
I've finally mounted the motor for my hammer and need a source for a 2.75 wide X 60.5" long flat belt.
I'd like to use a timing type belt (rubber or similar) because I think it will last longer. When I was designing the pulley/motor location I had found a source but didn't book mark it... now I can't find it.:(

What do you guy use?
Cart before the Horse:rolleyes:

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I use flat belt that I get at a hay baler dealer. 4 inch is the narrowest I can get but it is easy to cut down. They will lace it for you where I get it but I dont like metal lace I prefer to lace it with leather. If you have trouble finding this let me know and I could make you one up. I have two to do for myself anyway.

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just a question

the flat belt on my 50lbs hammer keeps flying off all the time... does the main pulley need to have a crown on it... and how much
- and i heard that rubber belts are way better and less problem... would it be worth it to switch..

thanks for the belt links..

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I guess thats a yes to all questions. But I should explain-
If the belt is too loose, it will fly off. If it is streached more on one side than the other, it will fly off. If it is old and all the "form" has worn out of it, it will fly off. As far as doming the pulley? Basic flat belt pulleys do have dome. I think its just a few dergrees, I want to say about five, with the peak in the middle for tracking. When I turned my pulley, I decided not to dome it. I did include sholders however. I'm not sure this will be as effective as doming though, just easier to turn on the lathe. The clutch wheel has a dome in it.

I'm going for the wide timing belt idea, those pulley are not domed. I'm hoping the stiffness of the composite timing type belt will be enough in conjunction with the sholders to keep it tracking nicely.

Hope this help!

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thanks for the help..
i wanted to keep the leather belt... but its getting to be a pain.. I think i'll do something like you said... run a rubber belt and v pulley on the drive....

heres some pic's of my hammer and set up..



the drive on mine is flat..and no crown.. so i bet thats cause some trouble.... .... personally..i'd like to have the peace of mind and have it run and without worrying about the leather belt popping off and the worst moment.. ;)

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do you have a link for them?
I looked at Emerson and just got lost in the web site...very confussing.

From what I have seen, you will want to run 2 "V" belts and will need a "V" belt pulley to do this. You might try what dablacksmith said, I am!

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