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Quality Fisher Anvil For Sale: 350 to 375 lbs.

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Kind of the latest wave.....I have "XXXXXX" and it is worth $XXXXX who wants to buy it?

Anvil on E-bay, blah blah blah.

Like I said a ways back in this thread, it is only worth what people are willing to pay, price it worth a million if you want, but if no one pays, what is it "worth" then?

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Negative Sam, Negative. Just illustrating that this thread was started by a member with one post, trying to sell the anvil. He/she later listed it on eBay, hoping to cash in on some kind of mass hysteria which is sometimes prevalent on there.

He/she also ignored everyone that commented about the value of the anvil after he/she started this thread, and also failed to post pics of the anvil after stating they would. I simply posted the link for anyone interested in the thread, who may have commented early on, so they could see the "awesome" condition, along with the absurd selling price, which was later reduced to a still out of this world price, in case they missed it on the ePAY.

I highly doubt that the starter of this thread will ever post here again, and to be honest, I contacted the seller with my own questions and received a response that was none too helpful. They only wanted to sell it and make an absurd profit on it and some quick cash.

They were never interested in putting it in the hands of someone that could use it for the tool that it is, or in discussing the condition/flaws of the anvil. Most of those people frequent IFI, and they could have probably sold it if they listed it in the Tailgating section. However, my posting the link merely indicates the owner was looking for a high price from some schmuck who knows no better, by listing it on ePAY.

Period. End of discussion for me.

**Anyone who wants a nice little Fisher 120# in awesome condition save for missing the part of the face from pritchel back, come see me at the Appalachian Blacksmith Association spring conference. No, it's not a 350#, but then again It won't be $12/pound either. I guarantee that.**

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I say let a guy ask what ever he wants... thats the best way for him to get an education... He found what it was worth... It was worth $715 to somebody... I woudnt have bothered to post except while looking at the ebay auction I happend to notice the same guy has a signed Clint Eastwood picture for sale... for $99,500.00

And you thought the anvil price was high!

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Heres a good one. Neighbor offered his granddads (bought new anvil) in great shape.
Welded to a heavy 3legged stand. We drove up past the house past the shed past the barn. Now were into the cow pasture. Stop at a bramble bush. One leg of the stand sticking up.(anvil is on the ground) 13 inch long torch cuts in the face. He says its a
Big Blue brand. HuH. Took 3 of us to load it. Cut it off the stand cleaned it found a 150lb
Trenton. I own a welding/fab shop so a little welding/grinding was good as new. Now has a new home with a newbe. Owner kept saying its worth a lot. Got it for $1.35lb
past it on for $1.50lb due to finding a solid top H-B. Ended up everyone happy.

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