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LG 50# price?

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i looked at a fifty # LG new style near my home. saw it run. everything is tight, no repairs. owner is elderly and it was his dad's. been in the family shop for well over fifty years.
he won't sell it without a nice 127# mousehole anvil, a dozen sets of tongs, and an old forge with electric champion blower. forge and tuyere are home made. in missouri.
i offered $2500, he wants $3000. undecided, as i have a nice 25# and don't need the anvil or forge.
any opinions? if i decide i don't want it i will divulge information:)

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You mean it's not in your shop now!!??!? BUY IT. The $3000 is a fair price for the 50#er alone. You can always sale off what you don't want and you'd be suprised at how much you would use the 50#er. BAM has plenty of members that I'm sure would purchase your "culls". ;)

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i agree with the consensus, buy it and sell what you don't want or need.

If you'll click "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location it'll make a big difference. IFI is represented by more than 50 countries and a lot of info is location specific. Also, if folk know where you are they can tip you to get togethers, tool deals and lend hands on help.


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Around a dozen years ago or so, a friend bought a completely rebuilt 50# LG from Sid. As I recall, he paid $2500 plus trade-in of his old 50# (off brand) and some other hammer (might have been a #25 Mayer). And that was at least a dozen years ago. I haven't kept up on hammer prices since then.

Sounds like a good deal - if you have the "funds" available to swing the whole deal. The extra tools and equipment can easily be parted out - or swapped in to your own shop as needed.

And the people on either coast would dearly love to talk you out of most any extra equipment. Here in the Midwest, we tend to have more used tools and equipment available to us. Less was cleaned up in those war time scrap iron drives, and lots was still being used well up into the mid to late 1900's.

The ... investment ... sounds good - if your current situation can swing it.

Mikey - that grumpy ol' german blacksmith out in the Hinterlands

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Yep.. I'll vote with the crowd. I have sold 6 small mechanical hammers in the last three years... So I have a feel for the market at least in the Northwest. And $3000 for a nice condition hammer is about the going rate. I sold a 50lb LG that was running but in dire need of some cleaning and maintenance (30 years of old grease and dirt) for $2500 this last fall.

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sounds like more peer presure is needed...


If you have to think about it this long....you need it, need it, need it,:D

Just my .02 cents:)

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