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How do you guys forge a spade point

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Just wondering how many different ways of forging a spade point on flat stock there is out there. I have seen people fuller the bottom and then cut off the angles with a hot cut or from the top with a cold chisel and then shape it from there. I have tried to forge this shape on 1 1/2" x 3/16" flat stock after I fullered the base, and just can't get that point to work out. I use the cross pein to draw out and shape the rounded area but as soon as I try to make the point all it does is roll back on itself. I haven't done the cut the angle off method yet but if that's the best way????????

Thanks for any help, Scott

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It can be done but the dimensions you are working with would be tricky to put a point on. I assume your looking toward a leaf shape essentially? To make the point, the trick would be not trying to move too much metal at one time or getting it too hot. Start by working the corners round but don't let them roll too much (keep it flat) as you round.Imagine you are putting the curve on a real short knife blade only both edges. After you get the corners round you can begin to fuller the rounded edge toward a point. But at the beginning, you may be better off knocking the corners off with a chisel. As you get more comfortable with the way hot metal moves, you can cut less of each successive one. This is easier to show than explain. Hope this makes sense ;)

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